brooklyn, brooklyn take me in

new york from the brooklyn river pier
new york from the brooklyn river pier

I visited my sister in Brooklyn this past weekend. Instead of touring the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building or Central Park, we explored her favorite bakeries and adorably cramped cafes. We shopped at local fish markets and butcheries and grocers. We sampled fresh-baked croissants and sipped on mulled wine. We dined on fish ‘n chips and roast beef sandwiches.

And despite the skyscrapers and honking taxi cabs and smog-covered snow and foreign languages and beautiful diversity, there was something about the city that felt quaint, as if Brooklyn was just any other small American town. Like shop owners beaming with pride as they hand you a bagel or a baguette. Or two neighbors sharing a hug when they run into each other on the street. And even the little sign hanging on the window of the shoe repair on the corner, handwritten in black permanent marker, “Out for a moment. Back in 5 minutes.”

It could have been anywhere. And it could only be Brooklyn.


2 thoughts on “brooklyn, brooklyn take me in

  1. I love your fresh, invigorating spirit with which you view this city. It is so beautiful, and it comes across so lovely in the writing. As a writer with a literary blog, I totally admire your writer’s voice. Great post!

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