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I was nominated for a Liebster Award from a lovely Scottish blogger, Greendeath Writings, who—according to his answers—loves ambulances and can’t eat cheese (how tragic!). Thanks for the nomination!

I know it’s sort of like chain mail, but it also helps promote others’ blogs. Sooo . . . in an effort to share the love and shed some light on a few great writing blogs I follow, I’m gonna play.

Step 1: Eleven random facts about me

–          I have three tattoos

–          Both my grandfathers are preachers (resulting in waaaay too many dry weddings)

–          I usually start listening to Christmas music around mid-October

–          I’m a copywriter in Charleston, South Carolina

–          I’ve never seen The Sound of Music

–          I memorized the alphabet backwards

–          I’m a Gemini, and I think that matters

–          My two serious relationships have both been with David R.’s (who were born six days apart)

–          My appendix was taken out when I was two

–          I hate social media, with an acute loathing for Facebook

–          I once totaled a car parking

Step 2: Answer the eleven questions provided by my nominator

  • What kind of music do you listen to while writing, if any at all? I can’t listen to music while I’m writing. I think my style of writing has a rhythm and music obstructs that rhythm. But I do love background noise, like a baseball game on TV or the chatter around me at a café.
  • What is it about writing that keeps you going even if you’re not sure you want to continue? The community at keeps me going! With four writing grids each week and a thoughtful, supportive, active community of writers and editors, I’m inspired to write each week, even through the toughest writer’s block.
  • Who is your favorite author? Joyce Carol Oates. I think what she does with words is amazing. It’s not writing. It’s art.
  • What genre do you read but swear you will never write? I won’t swear that there’s anything I won’t write, but my favorite genre is contemporary fiction.
  • What do you do when you tell yourself something along the lines of “I’ll only procrastinate a little longer”? Drink wine. Read others’ blogs. Read a book. Watch TV. Drink more wine.
  • What gets you into the writing mood and how do you keep it that way? Watching movies about writing inspires me to write. Staying inspired is the ultimate challenge. I’m still working on that one, but when I figure it out, I’ll share.
  • Favorite book series and favorite standalone? I tend to stay away from books in a series, largely because I don’t like reading more than one book by the same author. But I did recently read Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill (my review can be found here) and enjoyed it enough that I may read his next one, Queen of Dark Things. As far as standalones go, Their Eyes Were Watching God will always be one of my favorites.
  • Have you ever screwed up your sleeping schedule because of a book, was it worth it and what was it? When I couldn’t sleep after my mom passed away, I would read at night to avoid replaying painful memories in my mind. I read The Language of Flowers across two of those sleepless nights and for that, I’m forever indebted to Vanessa Diffenbaugh for keeping my troubled mind occupied with her words.
  • What do you do to remember ideas when you are unable to write them down? Repeat them in my head until I can write them down. I seriously can’t remember anything unless it’s written somewhere.
  • Are there any books or series that you thought were great and then the ending just ruined everything for you? I LOVED Chuck Palahniuk’s Diary, but the ending just left me confused. It just seemed so obscure and unbelievable. But his writing style and repetition of themes and phrases – wow. So good.
  • Why do you write? I write because that’s the gift I was given.

Step 3: Nominate 11 super awesome bloggers with less than 200 followers (if you can tell) for a Liebster Award

–          Abundance in the boondocks, who masters flawless stories “on a life abundant with family and clutter”

–          This Weblog is Unique. Just Like They All Are. by a fabulous yeahwrite editor with an equally fabulous blog

–          Finding Our Spirit, where Jen aces real-life essays and fiction with a sense of humor and plenty of flair

–          Angieinspired, who has incredible command over the English language in every form

–          Goodnight Already by a mom who’s as real as they come and can tell a great story, too

–          Y’all Let’s Be Honest by Bailey, who used to be a friendly face around Charleston before life took her to exciting new places

(Okay, that’s only six. But hopefully it still counts.)

Step 4: Provide eleven questions for your award nominees to answer

  1. What is your favorite blog (other than your own)?
  2. Which of your own blog posts are you most proud of (links please!)?
  3. If you could do anything for a living other than what you currently do, what would it be?
  4. What book has had the greatest impact on your life?
  5. What writer has had the greatest impact on your writing?
  6. If you could spend a week writing in any city in the world, where would you go?
  7. What’s your best cure for writer’s block?
  8. If you had to write a six-word memoir for your life thus far, what would it be?
  9. What fictional character would you want to meet most in real life?
  10. Where do you usually get the most inspired for blog ideas?
  11. What book(s) do you have on your coffee table?

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