I sat on a toilet in a public restroom tonight. Graffiti littered the walls, but one scrawl stuck out to me:

Fuck liberals. Get a hold of your FEELINGS.

This is the America we live in. This is Donald Trump’s America. And this is MY America.

I recognize none of it.

Unlike what’s considered appropriate for women (yes, even today), I have a lot of opinions. And I share them. Loudly. Unapologetically. Sometimes with curse words. (Let’s be real, usually with curse words.) So people ask me what the fuck I think about what’s happening with Kavanaugh. And they can’t even get his name out of their mouths before I tell them AAAAAAAALL my LIBERAL FEELINGS.

I tell them how harmful it is for our culture to counter a sexual assault with THESE responses:

“Oh, but that was THIRTY years ago.”

“Boys will be boys.”

“Why should we believe HER?”

“She shouldn’t have been drinking.”

“It wasn’t ACTUALLY rape.”

“Why didn’t she file a report?”

I tell them how I was raped TWICE in college and NEVER reported it because I ONLY blamed myself for what happened. It never even OCCURRED to me that a crime had even been committed. (That’s how fucked up our society is by the way.) I just thought, “Stay away from those guys. You thought they were your friends, but it turns out that they’ll fuck you whether you like it or not.”

I tell them this country cares more about winning than it does about ethics or morals or justice or REALITY. The right would rather have Justice Satan (literally, not a metaphor for Kavanaugh) on the supreme court as long as he’d overturn Roe v. Wade.

I tell them that the most disastrous part of all of this occurred just days ago when Trump managed to divert this CRITICAL conversation from how we treat women to how we treat MEN. In one low-life speech, he managed to make his non-thinking-sheep believe that men are the VICTIMS in all this. That men need to be vigilant. Look out for each other. Look out for WOMEN. We could destroy them at any minute.

These are my LIBERAL FEELINGS. Please. Tell me they’re unjustified.

I fucking dare you.

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