about me

I love porch swings, iced coffee, fat rain drops and Robert Frost. I love tight rope walkers and sailboats and stained glass windows and hot air balloons. I love Malbec and bath tubs with feet and old doorknobs and tattoos and hymn lyrics and typewriter sounds and grilled cheese sandwiches and Christmas lights and nail polish names and jewel tones.

But really, I just love to write. So that’s what I do here.

14 thoughts on “about me

    1. Thanks, Wendy!! I just did a Liebster Award not too long ago, so I’ll probably hold off before doing another. But I appreciate the nomination and am excited to read more about you in your response. :)


  1. I’ve just spent a few minutes checking out your site, and to say I’m a fan sounds trite. I’ll say instead that I’m an admirer of your work, in all its forms. Your site is so clean and easy to read and understand. And I love the way you do your book reviews and the quotes you share from the books. I’m a big fan of the quotes, which brings me to your Inspiration page. I love it. Especially “The Boxer” link. I’m going to borrow the Robert Frost quote for the novel I’m working on.

    And of course I admire your writing very much. I love the honest emotion that you express. Heartfelt without pathos.

    I look forward to reading more of your work.



    1. Joe–Thank you so much. This comment made my day. Seriously. I love that you took the time to read through the site and tell me the parts you like. And you have awesome taste because Paul Simon and Robert Frost are just two of my all-time favorites. :) Thank you for taking the time to reach out. It makes all the difference. And kudos to you on the novel. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!! That’s an incredible feat.


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