the good, the bad, and the beautiful

We’re not all bad, right? We’re not all condemned.

We shoot up classrooms of children. Bomb spectators at marathons. Open fire on movie theaters. Snipe government figures. Use the mall for target practice.

We’re not all bad, right? Some of us are the good. And on days like today, days heavy with the weight of evil, of grief, of burdens much too heavy to bear, on days like today I have to focus on the good.

In those dark, terrifying moments, we hover over the bodies of the innocent children to try to spare them from bullets rocketing through the air. We run towards the direction of the explosions, so we can help the wounded. We dive over our loved ones and offer our own bodies, our own flesh, as a shield.

Instinctively, we put others before ourselves. Even when the others are complete strangers. Some of us are the good. On days like today, we all have to see the good.

On days like today, it is not one for all. That one lost soul does not represent mankind.

And on days like today, it is most definitely all for one.

The good still exists. We are the good.