gargleblaster: have all your clocks stopped?

alice and wonderland white rabbit

I’m late! I’m late! Her insides screamed,

as she kissed white rabbits hoping for white knights.

But the glass slipper never fit;

fairy godmother never appeared.

So she walks the plank toward midnight,

a punctual crocodile waiting beneath.

Tick tock. Tick tock.


Photo credit: StayGoldMedia via Etsy

Gargleblaster #159: Answer the question “Have all your clocks stopped?” in exactly 42 words.

to ben

Don’t be alarmed. This is not a letter confessing my undying love for you. (Although, I have considered writing that letter many times before.)

This is merely a letter of gratitude, of simple thanks. I’m quite certain that you are the only reason I still believe in fairy tales. In perfect endings, in true love. And most importantly, in happily ever after.

Not because you or I have achieved such lofty pursuits either together or apart. But because I can’t help but think, in some alternate universe, you and I found each other at the right time. When both our hearts were ready. And no one else was in between.

And so lived love as it was always meant to be. Without clauses or footnotes or asterisks. Without epitaphs and swan songs.

And if love like that can happen in some alternate universe, then it must exist. And if it exists, then I will never stop believing in it. Even if it’s not meant for me.

So thank you, Ben, for giving me love to always believe in.