faith > fried chicken

I have a tattoo on my ribcage. On the left side to be nearer to my heart. It says “Here is love vast as the ocean.”

The opening line from a hymn. A hymn about love.

Those seven words sum up all that I believe. Love is the core of it all. Even the good book itself says love is greater that hope or faith. And the stories written of our King are not of condemnation and judgment. They are of breaking bread with sinners and healing the lame and feeding the hungry and giving sight to the blind and casting out no one. And love. And love. And love.

Those red letters, all those precious words He spoke, they tell us to love.

I will not argue with you about Chick-Fil-A’s right to freedom of speech. I will not debate gay marriage. I will not discuss who should make up a family unit.

The reality is, I’m too busy loving all of God’s children. I do not have time to build walls around them. To isolate myself from them. To suggest they do not deserve what I have done nothing to earn.

Nor would I even want to.

Here is love vast as the ocean. Written on my ribcage. Written on my heart.

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