your hipbones don’t impress me

I don’t need perfect. I don’t need chiseled abs and protruding hip bones. I don’t need a rigid jaw and teeth so white they sparkle. I don’t need six feet tall or bright blue eyes or sun-kissed skin or tight biceps and a tighter ass.

I just need a good sense a humor. An honest, thoughtful opinion. A strong mind. A passionate soul. A curiosity. A smile that turns the corners of my lips. A laugh that warms and swarms and melts. A heart that beats its own brilliant rhythm. And cannot wait for me to sing along.

Please just give me someone who doesn’t give up. Someone who doesn’t turn back. Someone who believes. And trusts. And dreams.

You can have yours tall and dark and handsome. I’ll take mine courageous and clever.

And he and I will be just fine.

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