gargleblaster: do you see her much?

clear mug with steaming tea

“Do you see her much?” she pecked, returning with tea. “Or is she more like a pretend girlfriend?”

“Yes, mother, I see her,” he responded, teeth clenched.

Every night, he thought. But it was complicated now with the restraining order in place.


Photo credit: HoneyPotPhotography on Etsy


Gargleblaster #157: Answer the question “Do you see her much?” in exactly 42 words.

26 thoughts on “gargleblaster: do you see her much?

  1. Oooohh! He does see her then, and not just as a pretend girlfriend! I love this, made me laugh. This was creepy, too! Haha.. I’m still chortling.. Don’t know if I’m supposed to do that! Very nicely done though! :-)

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  2. on the one hand, such good images here..
    the doting, interfering mom, the sheepish son…done so well.
    But the added twist makes your stomach knot.

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