gargleblaster: are you on your way to steal my mermaid?


The fireflies were fairies.

The mermaids ruled the bath.

Tea time was with the teddies.

Her voice tinkled when she laughed.

But now the room is silent.

She never stops to pour the tea.

Her imagination stolen,

by time, the master thief.

Image source: Patchworkmoose via Etsy


24 thoughts on “gargleblaster: are you on your way to steal my mermaid?

  1. I got Alzheimer’s from this piece, a woman who’s had her memories + imagination etc. stolen from her by Alzheimer’s and is now suffering from dementia.

    Really sad feel to it, poignant.


  2. Oh, shoot, I don’t even have words for how this grabbed my heart. And here I was, working on a poem about my oldest child’s impending graduation…she comes home for about 5 minutes at a time and talks about college plans…
    p.s. adorable crocheted teddy pic = bonus points.


    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer!! Congrats to your oldest; although, I’m sure that’s a very emotionally torn place for you to be.

      And isn’t that bear the cutest!? If you crochet, you can buy the pattern for it from Etsy. :)


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