gargleblaster: where have all the flowers gone


I used to like flowers. Or at least I liked the idea of them since no boy had ever sent me any.

Then last year, flowers kept coming.

Roses adorning altars. Lilies dressing tombstones. Carnations saying farewell.

Now I’ll take chocolate instead.

Photo credit: Image Poet via Etsy

33 thoughts on “gargleblaster: where have all the flowers gone

  1. I like your idea about chocolate. Another possibility might be beer.
    Seriously this was very well written and very thought provoking. I enjoyed reading it each time.


  2. I love it when someone can say so much with so very few words. On a lighter note,
    s/he’s right about one thing… Chocolates are far better.


  3. Love these short, tight lines, with everything you don’t need to say riding between. Nicely done.


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