lucky day

wedding dress, umbrella

Rain on your wedding day is good luck, they cooed.

So she slipped from the chapel–bouquet in one hand, umbrella in the other–and headed for the Greyhound station. She wasn’t going to screw this up.

One-way ticket to Vegas, please.


*Image Source: From Under the Willow Tree


31 thoughts on “lucky day

  1. Oooh, I love it! That rain on your wedding day thing, does that mean clear skies are bad luck? I love that she jumped at the opportunity to venture out with only luck by her side.


  2. Fabulous story, Genna! I was so excited to see you on the grid :) Expert timing and punch line. What I really liked, though, was the line, “She wasn’t going to screw this up.” The photo complements it all perfectly.


  3. I love the detail of her bouquet in one hand and umbrella in the other, and the one-way ticket too. She better take advantage of that good luck!


  4. I’m so dense sometimes…it took me a few minutes to figure out why she was headed to Vegas (divorce? already?). Oh, right! Luck! Hah! Nicely done, Genna.


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