red is the new black

We used to offer Thanks

on a well-fed Thursday

in late November.

Encroached by big business

clamoring for profit,

feast turned to famine.

Now parents working extra shifts

(to afford merry surprises)

are trampled red

beneath the soles

of 1,000 thankless feet.

13 thoughts on “red is the new black

    1. Yes! More specifically, it’s speaking to how Black Friday has moved its way into Thanksgiving Day, some stores opening as early as 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. It’s so sad that corporate America can’t forgo profits to let its employees have ONE DAY with their families. And even more so that the American public encourages such behavior by lining up outside the doors no matter what time of day (or night) or holiday it is.

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    1. I know! Mine too!! I have a cousin who manages a retail store and she can’t even spend it with her family anymore. She has to go in too early to set up the store for Thursday’s Black “Friday” sale.


  1. Really nicely done, Genna! The circling around, and dotting of i’s is so effective.
    Personally, shopping is my least favorite thing to do. Oh, except getting trampled red.

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