This obsession wrecks and kills.
Compliments are only thrills.
Watch and look and notice me.
Feed my soul with flattery.

Trapped by mirrors. Locked inside,
With all the flaws you try to hide.
Take a photo. Hold it dear.
Beauty fades; your gravest fear.

Old and wrinkled. Spotted. Grey.
Nothing gold can ever stay.
Stolen by that master time.
Beauty thief, most deadly crime.

Sacrifices must be made.
Take my other strengths for trade.
Wit or stealth or joy of soul,
Can fill me up, but not make whole.

For value comes in slender thighs,
In luscious lips and endless eyes,
In busts so full and waistlines slim,
In fantasies and surface whims.

Better hope your baby girl,
Has ivory skin and lashes curl.
Better hope her dreams do rest,
On flatter stomachs, larger breasts.

Now wake up, suck in, take the scale.
Fight the fight, but never tell,
Your weakness and your strength are one.
Build back up to come undone.

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