our revolution

My heart is a revolutionary cell.
A chance to believe. A weapon of creation.
My life is an opportunity to change.
Even incrementally. Even minutely. Even infinitesimally.
But, the world will not be changed by one revolutionary heart. One gypsy spirit. One wayward son. One idealistic daughter.
The world will be changed by the sum of all the hearts and spirits and sons and daughters.
As sure as she rounds the sun in a wheel of time,
She is changed.
Constantly evolving with every beating revolutionary heart.
So do not despair. Do not abandon your post.
See the strength in numbers. See the strength in time.
To be a revolutionary is not to witness the revolution.
It is to leave behind an idea, a thought, a subtle shift that can be traced even in this chaotic, spinning world.
So do not despair. Do not abandon your post.
For just as my heart is a revolutionary cell, so can yours be also.

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