gargleblaster: who dunnit?

smoking gun art print

Fresh blood spilled on the ground,
eyes darting all around.
Suspicions rose,
but bodies froze,
as ears rang from the sound.

With tensions running high,
none knowing truth from lie.
The smoking gun—
held by each one—
whispered in the air, “Goodbye.”


Photo credit: Neon Noir Smoking Gun Art Print by Etheloos on Etsy

Gargleblaster #156: Answer the question “Who dunnit?” in exactly 42 words.

23 thoughts on “gargleblaster: who dunnit?

    1. Thanks, Sue!! It’s intentionally left open to interpretation, but in my mind it speaks to the aftermath of a homicide, in which all the parties are looking for someone to blame, but they are also partially responsible themselves.


  1. I love the ‘suspicions rose/ but bodies froze’ line – it really speaks to the cerebral side of violent crime and emphasizes the blame and mistrust that is probably about to ensue. And great rhymes!


  2. Ooo, very nice! Something about the rhyming sing-song nature of this makes it even more spooky, in my opinion. Really cool response to the prompt. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it!

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  3. I love the way this carries you along almost cheerfully with the flow of the rhyming poetry in spite of the dark subject matter. I like the open endedness too. (Apparently endedness isn’t a word. My phone changed it to “open ended mess” which might have proved awkward. :0


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