gargleblaster: why do birds suddenly appear?

black crow, beak open

“Lousy, good-for-nothing scarecrow. Blasted crows peckin’ every damn tomato the frost didn’t nab.”

“Ain’t no point in fussin’ if you cain’t do nothin’ ‘bout it.”

“Betcha I can scare ‘em off.”

“Howd’ja figger?”

“I’ll make that there scarecrow look more like you.”


Photo credit: WildnisPhotography via Etsy

Gargleblaster #160: Answer the question “Why do birds suddenly appear?” in exactly 42 words.

24 thoughts on “gargleblaster: why do birds suddenly appear?

  1. something tells me he might be sleeping in the barn. ;)

    loved the language and cadence, it worked to take me to the farm.


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