gargleblaster: did Grace say that, too?

Did Faith tear you to pieces?

Did Hope sink your soul?

Did the Love you made room for

leave you broken or whole?

Did Life give you minutes

or moments or regrets?

Did Grace set you free

or did you already forget?


45 thoughts on “gargleblaster: did Grace say that, too?

  1. one of my favorites so far. I loved the questions and the answers my heart gave as I read it.


  2. Something I really like about this is how the rhyme scheme sets me up for something simplistic, yet the questions get me thinking…and thinking…


  3. I wish people would just live and stop worrying. Be grateful where they are and keep living. Loved this.


  4. This is lovely, and so thoughtful. I read it several times so that I could let it all sink in. Beautifully done, Genna. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  5. I love poems like this where it just feels like these words were meant to be together. So well thought out. I appreciate the work these little rhyming poems take. The rhythm can be killer!


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